Monday, February 19, 2007


After a period of blog blank, where I couldn't think of ANYTHING to write about, Drunken Housewife ,has once again inspired me.
The only problem is this. For the worst neighbor, it is a ten year long epic tale which includes, but is not limited to, at least two felony convictions, SWAT teams, drunken family fights, Meth addiction and recovery, numerous abandoned/run over cats, lies, betrayel, abandoned vehicles in the driveway next to our bedroom, a crappy trailer which replaced the abandoned vehicles and became party central briefly, Sea Scouts, and lice.
I don't know where to begin.


  1. Start anywhere but with the lice. Because that would be a bad way to start a story.

  2. How about at the beginning? You can do it in installments if you like. Who was there first? What was your first impression? What was the first problem?

  3. You sir are sitting on a gold mine. As someone who has some awful neighbors himself I am fasinated to hear your tales. Now my neighbors are no where near the levels of debauchery you have mentioned, but some of the kids are young and have the potiental to develop into fine Correctional Facility Inhabitants. So I will wait with baited breath.