Friday, May 04, 2007


Due to the large number of irons I have in the fire at the moment, which are frying a lot of fish, and because everybody seems to be doing it, I won't be posting for the forseeable future. The lack of visitors and commentors may have something to do with it also. That, and a lack of imagination, remembered stories, and talent might have a bit of influence.

I'll still be lurking on other's blogs.

See YA!


  1. I am highly offended. I have you on a feed and read every post. I often comment too.


  2. Admit it - Subservient Worker is quitting, so you figure there's no point anymore!

    Seriously, you should know that while I've been slacking on comments, I have been reading. I just read on Bloglines and comment when I get the chance.