Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Back, anyone miss me?

Bloggers seem to be dropping like flies in an Oakie home entertainment center.

My hiatus was probably due to stress of the early stages of a remodel, (we got our permit Friday after 2 months), and the fact that the 12th was one year after my mom passed away, and then Mother's day. I never noticed before how many commercials there are for Mother's day and how many people in customer services say "Happy Mother's Day".
Each was like a punch in the chest.

Now the remodel is in full swing, so I have lots of physical labor to work off stress and lots of unimportant decisions to make and money to spend.

Here's Before and During pics.
The cabinets in the before pic are now in the garage. (That's Moonrabbit behind the post) The kitchen is being moved to the far wall in the bottom pic. The yellowish chair has a date with the dumpster, but it's sad because it's about 45 years old. It has a wooden handle to lock it in a reclined position. (which doesn't work) The handle has been sanded because our dachshund chewed on it when it was in my early teens. It has been reupholstered countless times.

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  1. Is that a load-bearing wall? If you took it out completely, you'd have a much more spacious feel to both rooms, with more light.

    You kept a recliner for 45 years?! Sweets destroys most he gets his butt in within 8. Of course, I don't think most recliners are made to have fidgety 225 lb. men sleeping, sitting cross-legged, or throwing legs over the arm on a daily basis. He's not very respectful of furniture.