Friday, June 15, 2007

Not a bad day

This is the good part. Floor poured, joists hung. Sill set (hmm, I need a picture of that)Yesterday the electricians came and hooked up the new service panel unsupervised. They came back today to finish up. They cut off the power to the garage where the fridge with my frozen TJ chicken enchilada's are. (lunch) Hey, I didn't have to defrost it today!
Cabinet man showed up, decisions were made and measurements taken. Roof guys were there early and started removed sections of roofing...which leads into the Not-So-Great part.

That white "snake" is the electrical to the garage, which got cut today, so I'm using a
VERY long extension cord.

This is near a skylight where we thought we could just replace the bottom boards. I THINK we have enough to do it?


  1. I have a question for you! And that is, wouldn't it have been easier to burn that whole house down and start over from scratch? And you, as a former professional fireman, should have been able to stage a fire safely so it would look natural, wouldn't you?

  2. I am not a crook, that would be wrong for sure.
    I worked with a guy who had a number of fires. I think there was a presumption of guilt due to his vocation.