Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Upon further review..."

Yesterday, with the visit from the Nice Floor Lady, and they have very nice floors, a tile material AND style was selected. The choices were Dura Ceramic or porcelain. Porcelain was eliminated by the presence of a black mastic on the slab floor which I AM CERTAIN NEVER HAD ASBESTOS TILES. This reacts badly with the porcelain tile mastic. So the plan was Hardi board underlayment throughout, then Duracermic tiles WITH grout lines. (an option)

NFL called today, tech says no can do. Dura Ceramic doesn't like hardi board. We would have to "float" the concrete floor, which I assume means a thin coat of something concrete like. The rest would have Halex 1/4" plywood underlayment.
There would have to be some sort of "transition" between the slab floor and the plywood floor base. This seemed obvious to me many months ago, but I was shunned and shamed into silence. I'm sure there must be transcripts floating around that will vindicate me, UNLESS THEY'VE BEEN DESTROYED!

This may bring porcelain back into the picture, and it was even muttered by the power that be "I can see why they had carpet everywhere"

So the ball has been returned to it's original spot, and we lost a down in the challenge.

The pictures are for my former supervisor, HI MIKE!, who has been to the house and wanted to know how we supported that beam after taking out a post in the middle of the room. That problem was one of the main driving forces for the redesign.
The post is next to the right side of the chair in #2 pic.

Just before I took out the post with "The Persuader", visible just above the table, a bulge was noted in the beam. It's gone now, the post AND the bulge.

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