Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pictures from a lazy afternoon-Plumber's aftermath

Spent several hours vacuuming up wood chips from the plumbers auger. No wonder you have to bolt the house to the foundation. With all the studs turned to wood chips, courtesy of the plumbers, the house has lost half it's weight!

Note the callous movement of rebar!
The yellow line is one inch flexible GAS line. Who knew?
The unfortunate part is there is no water to the house now. There is one yard faucet with water, so I have to fill buckets to flush the toilet.


  1. You need to get a cattle prod out and help the plumber along to get this done. Doesn't he or anyone working on you home know who you are? If not I will come up there.

  2. So that's what a gas line looks like. I had no clue.

    Good luck with the no water thing.

  3. Actually my amazement is at the "advances" in construction. It used to be that gas was in black iron pipe, although people used galvanized also. Water was in galvanized iron pipe, copper, brass, bronze and in limited applications, PVC pipe. There is also a semi clear flexible water line now.