Saturday, June 02, 2007

Remodel Update

This is a picture from yesterday. Today it looks different because the plumbers are crawling under and through the house running new water and gas lines for the on demand water heater and stove. Last night I was downloading the installation specs for the stove when I noticed that the WRONG stove had been ordered, so we called the salesman and corrected things.

It will look different because they have drilled large holes for the toilet and shower through the forms for the concrete. They say the first thing a new plumber learns is how to start a chain saw.

Also we have to run a conduit for a 50 amp 220 line for the garage for Moonrabbit's kiln through here.

The boards for the ceiling/roof are 2X8 T&G knotty pine, aren't made anymore, so we are having to have it custom made, $250 just to set up the saws I am told. Since the roof is being torn up, we are going to take out a skylight that no longer fits in the scheme of things, and replace some termite damaged boards that show in the main bathroom.

The boards will take about a week or two. The new, larger, front windows will be coming about then also. Still haven't hired a cabinet maker...

Also, I had a lotta splainin to do...A big beautiful geranium bush got accidentally uprooted while digging a trench for the waterline for the front hose bibs.

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