Sunday, August 12, 2007

Firehouse cooking

Firefighters have a reputation for good cooking. They also have a reputation for cooking chili. I am a crappy cook, and a dish I DO make that vaguely resembles chili, I do not call by that name because it is so mild. I'm generally not a hot food aficionado, although I like small amounts of wasabi on sushi.

By way of background explanation, I have a small rental that has a small raised vegetable garden. A few years back the renters had vacated during fall. As I was cleaning up the property I noticed what appeared to be stunted bell peppers. (Hey it was fall after all) Hating to see food go to waste, I picked them with the thought that the next day I could make some of my Not Really Chili at the firehouse.

The next day as I chopped the onions and bell peppers, I noticed that the seeds in the peppers were very small and black rather than white.

As per usual, my nose started to itch. Not being a COMPLETE idiot, I knew to wash my hands before scratching my nose because I had been cutting an onion. Hands washed I rubbed the itching spot which immediately felt like it was ON FIRE! So I rubbed it with my (washed) wrist, now a larger area felt like it was burning. I got a wet towel and rubbed it which further inflamed things. Eventually my entire face was involved. My eyes were tearing, and I could barely see. Despite all this I continued fixing the dish while wondering what kind of onions those were anyway.

By the time the food was ready, I had regained my eyesight, and my face had improved so it only felt like a severe sunburn. I served the meal, and took a bite. OMG, it was the hottest chili I had ever tasted. I couldn't take another bite. The other two guys on my crew thought it was excellant however. Apparently those weren't bell peppers, Habaneros more likely.


  1. I'm pretty sure I wasn't part of the crew that day, I'm sure I'd remember.

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