Wednesday, August 08, 2007

NOT such a good day

In an effort to stay out of the way of the guy who is doing all the work, I thought I would "help" by converting our new stove to propane. When we bought it I was told they didn't do the conversion, it just came set up for Natural gas, and the change was "Real Easy!" (40 steps)

The low lights of todays trevails, one slashed hand (stove now baptised with blood), 1 (of 7) orifice dropped under the nonremoveable glass cooktop. 1 hour on the phone spent trying to order the replacement. ($30) Access to one orifice just a bit smaller than socket. Eventually found a neighbor who had a tool that would suffice. There was even more...

On the plus side, I am now INTIMATELY familiar with our new stove and am probably qualified to be a repairperson.

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  1. What kind of stove is it? I hate my stove and want a new one.