Friday, August 24, 2007

Que Pasa? Nada

But wait til next week.

The painter is plugging away, staining and eventually painting to his hearts content. I had hoped the electrician would be there today, but the painter was not to a point where the electrician could work?

This morning I got a "confirmation" call that work on the floor was to begin Tuesday. I explained that I had understood that it was to be Monday, but "Oh no, he doesn't work Mondays" (Did I detect a wee bit of attitude?) Also the tiles would be delivered this afternoon, so I ended up making the drive out anyway. Also got another call, "Gee you were right, they ARE starting on Monday"

Meanwhile I had called the contractor and electrician to say Monday was open, called back "Never mind!"

Did get the corbels installed on the island.

But next week, Watch out! We should have a floor! Which means I can bring in some of the stuff from the garage (TV and the like) Lots of stuff on order, faucets, sink, track and other lights, toilet. Granite slabs are in, and we're going to pick one or two tomorrow. (The granite guy did templates the other day and may be able to do the kitchen and the bathroom vanity with one slab (if it's large enough) plus a remnant.

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