Thursday, September 27, 2007


One step forward, two back

Started putting wood trim on the fridge, the pieces for the two bottom drawers are the wrong size (small of course)

Toilet installed, Lid is biscuit colored, tank is biscuit colored, the box the bowl came in says it's biscuit colored,... BUT IT'S NOT!!! It's freaking white! (but the color blind plumber installed it anyway) The place we ordered it from cheerfully said they would order the right one.

Wood paneled front piece for the dishwasher is not what we wanted, but we accepted it, so we'll probably have to pay for a new piece.

On the bright side, the shower enclosure is installed and has really cool doors. They're two pieces that slide around the inside to open.

Contractor is gone for two weeks, so I have lots of time to screw things up before his return.

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