Saturday, September 29, 2007

Faltering steps forward

Friday started off on a positive note. The Three Amigos comedy team (aka the electricians) showed up and were kicking it. Light fixture in the 2nd bedroom closet, phone jack hooked up and working on the cable lights. In order to stay out of their way, I took a road trip to return the undersized refridgerator panels to the cabinet maker. Enroute I get a call from Amigo #1, "Hey we're out of cable, we need another 40 feet."

Call cable light provider to see about more cable. We ordered 126' and recieved a spool marked 126'. Rep gets all defensive, "I don't see how this could have happened." yada yada yada. I just want to get some more cable. Oh, TWO WEEKS! Called local lighting company that has given us great service since we found them, and yes, two weeks, but there's a company about 30 miles down the road that probably carries it. I call, they do, I drive and pick up, @$2.60 a foot. I call back to the house for a last chance to remeasure, no answer. I buy an extra 2 feet.

I drive BACK to the house (60 miles) the electricians are gone for the day :(

I walk off the wire that has been hung and come up with 78'. I see no extra laying around. So I call the rep back and tell her we got shorted. She makes some calls and the cable company will credit back for 40'. (I paid for 126 and got about 80) Before we disconnect, she says she hopes we'll continue to shop there for our lighting needs. Yeh right, you bet.

Does anybody care about doing their job anymore?

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