Friday, October 05, 2007

Gettin' Closer

The 3 amigos, (electricians) finished yesterday except for two sconce lights that arrived this afternoon, that I will hopefully install tomorrow.

The replacement toilet bowl arrived today also, so when the phantom plumber makes an appearance, he may finish all that he needs to do, which will put us ready for final inspection next week sometime.

Cabinet shop finished the fridge panels, but didn't do the new face for the dishwasher. Stove is hung up about 1/4" from going all the way in, work on that tomorrow also.

Painter still has work to do, and still have not heard from the tile guy about the small area above the shower enclosure.

Our new light just inside the front door

Our new light just outside the front door.

The kitchen with working sink, cable lights (look carefully) flourescent lights that well.....let's just say they are required for now.

Dishwasher is hooked up, but not installed.

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