Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ahh, memories

Looking at the picture in the previous post for awhile brought back some memories. This was obviously a certificate presentation of some sort, and there wasn't a lot of outside training going on in those days. I was the only EMT that I know of in the dept, although any others might have kept their mouths shut since that seemed to be cause for suspicion. The certs might have been for going through the Navy's shipboard firefighting school which was based on Treasure Island.

The young lad to the left of locker #3 was a captain, and one of the few people with Fire Science degrees which caused ENORMOUS amounts of suspicion and jealousy. He went on to fame and fortune with a large fire dept in the Silicon Valley.

He was also quite the prankster.

At the shipboard firefighting school we were divided into several groups which got out of classes at slightly different times for lunch. One day we were all out except for Danny, so we left without him, leaving him to walk about 4 blocks back to the fire house. As we were fixing lunch, the phone rang alerting us to a helo landing in 5 minutes. One of our duties was to "standby" for "Helo Ops" so we all loaded onto the rigs and drove down to the Helo Pad and waited. We're sitting there shooting the bull for awhile and I look around and there are no security vehicles. We call security, they don't know anything about incoming helos.

We get back to the station and there is a smiling Danny enjoying his lunch.

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