Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Heard a fun story today from a friend and former supervisor. First, without his permission, but WITH editing, is his story.

"Somehow the engineer's mic got stuck in transmit mode without any buttons being pushed. We didn't know this and by the time someone called us on our cell phone, "Benny" had already dropped the "Motherf...r" bomb three times. Fortunately he wasn't talking about anyone. I think almost every station called the cell to express their "shock". PJ was our chief that day and by the time he got through, he simply said, 'I guess I don't have to tell you anything.' "

My story is from over 25 years ago when I was working for the Treasure Island Naval Station fire department as an engineer. We were driving somewhere and the captain hung his hat on the engine microphone which pushed the transmit key. His most famous utterance was "Geez I'm bored, maybe we oughta go START a fire!"

I'm the good looking one...

remodel pictures coming soon!

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