Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm a deadbeat

At least in the eyes of credit card companies, because I pay the entire balance each month, thus depriving them of their immoral interest rates.

I also refuse to pay for the priviledge of carrying a given card.

Given all that perhaps I should not have been shocked when American Express notified us yesterday, in a very confusing (misleading?) notice that at a date in the future there will be an annual fee of $450!

Some time ago American Express split off their credit card company and their investment side which is now called Ameriprise. My theory is they took all the coke addicted VP's and sent them to the credit card company. WTF are they thinking? If they charged $10 I would cancel the card. Anyway, we're going on a spending binge of our rewards points, and when they are sufficiently depleted ADIOS American Express!

So if you get an innocent looking envelope from American Express, DO read it. And I recommend calling and clarifying the date when this fee is to begin, because you could not determine from the letter or your existing expiration date for your card, when it takes effect.

All this was after seeing a matinee showing of "No Country For Old Men" . This is not an uplifting movie. I think it may be a movie that in a few years reflects the outlook of our culture during these times, much as the old sci fi movies may have been an expression of fear about nuclear (nucular for any Texans reading this) war. Anyway, no sweet dreams last night for sure.


  1. No way! That is INSANE! There are just way too many companies out there that want your business enough to give you incentives AND no annual fee that nobody with any sense would tolerate that. I will definitely be watching my mail. Because of my cash-back rewards, my AmEx is my primary card.

  2. Thank you so much for the warning - I have an AmEx and will be on the lookout. Bummer about the annual fee - it's the card with the highest credit limit and lowest interest rate that I've got.