Monday, December 03, 2007

updated pictures

First, the new barometer. (White faced gauge below black faced anemometer) As I type I'm waiting to resolve a shipping dispute. Saturday I got a bill from Fed Ex for $51.90 for shipping. The damn thing only cost $99 and shipping was supposed to be free.
Next, the new fireplace screen
Lastly, our new door knocker. I almost wish there were two so someone could use the line from "Young Frankenstein"...."Wow! What knockers!"

But most importantly, the on demand hot water heater has not been working right. It wouldn't supply the bathtub faucet when it's supposed to supply two appliances. Also, it took ALL the gas, resulting in the pilot lights going out on the wall furnaces. The gas company came out today and replaced the pressure regulator and now you can have the 4 burners on the stove, two wall furnaces, AND two hot water users all on, and it works. Whew! The options were not pretty if that hadn't worked.

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