Monday, December 03, 2007

FicMe, FicYou, FICUS all !

I'm not sure whether this is creative or pathetic. After first thinking we wanted a small tree this year (no one's coming over), then a small artificial tree, (couldn't find one we liked) WHAT ABOUT THE FICUS BENJAMINA?

Then, the first three sets of lights we tried didn't work, even attempted repairs failed.

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  1. Would you believe that I'm thinking of doing the same thing?

    My boyfriend keeps stalling whenever I ask him to drag the Christmas tree and ornaments down from the attic. I can't do it myself because the opening is just a hole in the ceiling with no steps. We have to use a ladder, and even then I'm so short that I can barely get up there.

    By the time he gets around to it, it'll be so late that it almost won't be worth the trouble anymore. I keep eyeing the ficus in our living room, picturing lights and ribbon on it.

    Long live the ficus!