Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lawn Circles

We were recently searching in our storage locker/dustbin for an item which was not located, but in the process we found other items we HAVE been looking for and boxes that could be gone thru. One of the boxes was a hastily packed box from my last day at work (when my MIL died). Amongst the detritus was my old helmet which now graces the picture on the side,and some undeveloped negatives. I could make out a fire engine in one picture, so I had the half dozen pictures developed to see what there was. This was taken in the mid 90's.

Two pictures were of a lawn circle which appeared shortly after Capt. J reported seeing a UFO. I documented the circle just as Capt J spotted another UFO which looked suspiciously like a Frisbee. I missed that part of the shot. They may mave been attracted by the flag pole.

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