Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Financial shenanigans

First off, a little bit after the Super Bowl, I was online, checking email etc. There was an email from a credit card company verifying that we had changed the email notification address. hmmm.

"Moonrabbit, did YOU change the email from xxxx credit card co?" "NO!"
So I tried to log on to our acct and was denied access. I'm thinking this is not good.

Called the 24/7 1-800 number, eventually got a live person, who told me the email had been changed to something like Juan Vasques Hernandez... We went over charges, and there was 1 charge made a minute before the time stamp of the notification I got, for chocolates from some East coast chocolatier. "Moonrabbit, did you charge chocolate from the East Coast?" "NO!"


The 1-800 guy said that to do what had been done, the @$$^%$#hole had to have had her SS#.

Double SHIT!!

So now we're on the ID theft merry-go-round. Notifications galore, new friends at Experion, Equifax etc

Now I'm on constant online patrol. This morning I log on to my bank, and there is a $25 acct fee charge.

Several months ago, I was notified that my bank no longer carried my kind of free checking, but that, since they had my mortgage, I could get fee waived checking, interest, VISA card and all these bells and whistles that I would never use. They made it sound like there were no other options. So I reluctently went with it. After several months, there was a $25 acct fee charged. When I inquired they said it was a mistake and removed it.

This time I was referred to a "specialist" who informed my that only 10% of the mortgage counted towards the minimum balance. This was the VERY first time I heard of that.

Anyway, it seems there is another fee waived acct that I can go to that has a lower minimum balance, but without the bells and whistles. He switched me to that and removed the charge.

Liars and thieves! EVERYWHERE!

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