Friday, July 18, 2008

All good things come to an end when they dryrot

Mission: paint the porch

Challenge: fix the dryrot
Now we just need to paint the REST of the house.

So while it's TRUE that I have been sitting on my tokus since my last post, I was at least doing something while in that position.


  1. It's NOT stupid, it may have been a little slow developing over the years, but this is a GOOD quality in a porch.

  2. Your home looks beautiful, even w/a rotting porch. Would love to see some pics when the painting is finished.

  3. I *love* painting! Your porch is really pretty - there's a very distinct New England vibe to it.

  4. As a matter of fact, the blue is called "Cape Cod Blue".

    It's going to get painted in 3-4 weeks. "We" were looking to paint it a different color scheme, but what we liked would not look good in the hood. (Too many greens already)(not that you can ever have TOO MANY GREENS!)