Monday, March 30, 2009

Give the Pointy Headed Boss a break

The title is a "Dilbert" reference. If you don't know Dilbert, read no further.

Having said that, I have new insight into the roles of Pointy Headed Bosses. Almost a year ago, I was shanghied onto the board of a small community owned water company. Through some sort of "cream actually sinks to the bottom" magic, I find myself El Presidente. My late step father had been president through some tough years, and is something of a legend locally. Perhaps there was some thinking that there might be some carryover. Most likely, I was like Mikey, the only one silly enough to accept. (I may have heard some snickering at the time)

So last Saturday was the first meeting since I was elected a year ago. Contact with other board members has been mostly via email. We met an hour before the regular meeting, and it was quickly apparent that the person with the lowest IQ was going to be running the meeting. The good part about all this is that it took all the pressure off me. All I had to do was keep track of where we were on the agenda and keep things moving, make a few jokes and pass out the cookies.

So, like Pointy Headed Boss, I'm pretty clueless except for calling meetings etc. I hope I'm not throwing any wrenches into the works. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping my mouth shut. (If you hear guffaws, it's coming from people who know me)


  1. Since I'm not hearing anything about angry mobs with torches heading for your castle I'm guessing you did a pretty fine job. Cookie-passing-outing is a learned talent and exhausting:>)

  2. Viva El Presidente!

  3. Good refreshments are the most important part of any meeting.