Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why you don't play with dynamite

I was cruising through old photos and came across this one.

C'est moi, at about 4 0r 5.  The back story is this. We were at the beach with a small fire for cooking hotdogs, and I was gathering small pieces of wood for the fire, and adding them as needed. One piece had a waxy substance on it, and shortly after I threw it in, KABLOOM! My best guess is that fishermen at that time used dynamite to scare away seals , this one failed to blow and washed up on the beach. It was later estimated it was a half stick.

I have NO idea why I was smiling at this point.


  1. Ouch! Really?

    Once in girl scouts we were roasting marshmallows over a fire. Sharon Adams' caught on on fire so she jerked it out real quick.

    It flew off her stick and landed on my hand. I stood there and watched flaming marshmallow burn into my skin. Then I screamed like a banchee.

  2. Clearly marshmellows should be banned from the combination of children and campfires. You're lucky to be alive! ;)

  3. I hope that is somewhere on your resume--"I survived a half stick of dynamite. And. Smiled." Surely puts you up there with the Bond Boys...James Bond:>)

  4. That beats, "I was dropped on my head as a child".

  5. Well that was a close call.

  6. I could've used it in a resume to play Wile E Coyote!

    (And if I knew how I'd friend you on Facebook)