Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caboose progress report .005

I didn't get any really interesting pictures this last Saturday working on the caboose. But early in the day day I got pulled off (kicking and screaming you can be sure) the paint stripping detail, and helped with a slight "adjustment" of the suspension on the trucks. I don't know all the proper terms (one reason I'm stripping paint).

Painting the board beneath the hydraulic jack was my very first job, so I'm a little protective of it. Basically, the leaf springs sit on this board, in the iron seats. The board SHOULD be able to rock side to side, but wouldn't, so first we tried gently spreading an iron strap apart. This worked on one truck, but not this one. We also exchanged the pinned strap just to the right since the first one didn't hold the board at the right height, but the replacement was thicker, thus necessitating further adjustments to the board width.

So then we had to call in one of the "Skil" players for final adjustments. He desecrated my paint job!

The last picture is with most of the pieces in place in happier times when the board was fully painted (even if you can't see it)

I believe another board goes on top of the springs, and the center pin is mounted on that, and one end of the caboose sits on that!

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  1. Will the caboose need curtains? I could knit them. Otherwise, I'd be at a loss at how to help out on such a project.