Thursday, April 15, 2010

An erupting volcano in Iceland changes our dinner plans

So we are having a couple over for dinner along with his sister, b-i-l and niece. They are visiting from England. We thought to invite another couple who are friends in common. He is English and she French. So that is 9 for dinner. With the addition of a card table we can all fit together. We just received a call that the sister of the 2nd couple, is visiting from France along with a grandson. They were supposed to leave early today, but their flight was canceled due to ash from the volcano, so they will be dining with us also. More the merrier! However, now there are two tables apart from each other.

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  1. Everyone here knows someone who is affected. My step daughter is stranded in Florida and gas been for a week with her husband and two little boys . My daughter's school friends are stuck in Europe as are many of the teachers. Chaos reigns . Our government squeaks in the background about sending help but not much happens.