Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No moss on my...stones

This is not something that has actually taken any time. It's just a blatant appeal for sympathy. I picked this up about two weeks ago at the hardware store parking lot. Don't you just love people that can't drive well enough to back out of a parking space without hitting something? And then not leave a note.
3 out of the last 4 Saturdays have been spent uncovering this 1860's passenger car. It is close to being ready to be moved, probably early May.

The remodel is done except for the shower curtain rod and attaching the handheld shower.


  1. You're a very busy man with all of this restoration and remodeling. The work on the bathroom looks great!

    As for the dent, perhaps my father in law was visiting--or at least someone just like him. He's had his car in the shop 3 times this year for dents in his back fender. We know he did it, but he swears someone else did.

  2. You sure do keep busy! The remodel looks great, as does the painted Rail car, from this viewpoint. :)