Thursday, April 08, 2010

Further remodel progress

So today was the day for new carpet in both bedrooms. Not too exciting to look at. I spent much of the time weed whacking cape weed, and when I took a lunch break I came in to find this scene. My lunch is on the other side of this mountain. Hunger is the mother of innovation and I eventually tunneled under the table into the kitchen and had lunch.

They were finished about 1:30 and I left about three. As soon as I got into cell phone range, I got a message that the granite guys were enroute. Back to the house.
The other progress was made on Tuesday, when the floor went in the bathroom as you can see. Today I noticed the installers grouting skills leave something to be desired. There was grout on the door, grout on the shut off valve for the toilet, holes in the spots where the grout was supposed to go. I'll have to address that tomorrow
But the granite looks nice, and allows the plumber to come tomorrow to finish his work.

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