Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy working 4 day weekend

Friday morning, yoga, then 3 hours of site prep for the impending (Monday 7am) arrival of a set of trucks for Car 29

Saturday, Board of Directors meeting in the am (record set for brevity, yahoo!) Another 3 hrs site prep in the afternoon.

Sunday, Rain, Yoga, more rain, early delivery of forklift minus the keys, Rental place never heard of us yada yada yada, got the keys moved it into lot, all in the rain...rain stops when we're through. TV Football, TV baseball playoff (lose)

Monday am, instead of 7am arrival, now scheduled for 8, but not everybody gets the word. We get a WHOLE lot accomplished with the forklift before they arrive at 10 am. Unload and place trucks, then there are a few other things we can do with this cool forklift, so I don't get out til noon.

Incidentally, no persons or objects were harmed in my operation of the forklift, there MIGHT have been a few close calls, but no harm, no foul.


  1. Handy tool to have!

  2. Men seem to love that heavy equipment.

    What impresses me is all the yoga. You go!

  3. I am an embarrassment to the Yoga community unfortunately, but being aspiring yogis they can't very well ban me.

  4. Now that's a Big-Daddy Forklift!
    As a two-forklift family with lots of heavy things to move around, we wouldn't ever want to be without one. (Dangerous French driver is the only drawback).

  5. Hi Silliyak
    thanks for visiting my failing blog .... its not the end .
    Ive been in Arizona .
    Im back .
    I will be updating this weekend if I can . Please dont give up !! Thanks for not giving up so far - think everyone else has . Your blog is taking off .....
    Ms C

  6. New blogpost posted at Catminders!