Thursday, October 14, 2010

Neighbor update

On the good side, although she apparently tires easily, she seems to be doing well otherwise and still has her hair.
On the down side, her platelets were too low several treatments in a row and she has been "released" from the trial. Her tumors have shrunk significantly, so her doctor is trying to get her on the same standard chemo that she was on for the trial.
Bigger bummer is that the bank is foreclosing on her house. It does not appear she can sell it for what is owed on it. The neighbors have cleared it out.
We still have a few things that we just can't bear to just donate. A schoolhouse clock, a German Box clock and some artwork. The artwork we are going to take down to her in Southern Ca when we visit in a couple of weeks, and the clocks may go to a consignment shop here or there.


  1. Oh,I am so sorry.

  2. There really ought to be a quota for the amount of cr_p one person should have to deal with at a time.

  3. I second English Rider's sentiments.

    You're a good person for caring.