Friday, March 25, 2011

More storm damage

While I was meeting with the Tree Guy to arrange the clearing of the fallen tree, I got a call from my boss that a large part of our back fence at the coast had blown over. The termites must have been frightened by the storm and stopped holding hands.

Our Gust meter indicated a high of 50 mph, but it reads a little low I believe. We got off lucky, just behind our house I saw THIS.

This took out phone and power lines for a bunch of houses, and they weren't repaired for several days.


  1. Sorry about your fence, but I'm glad you escaped the worst of it!

  2. Ok, ya, that would suck.
    I'm reading other posts in your blog. I can't believe all the fallen trees I am seeing in photos. Holy! I need to go to your profile to see where you're at, I still have snow on the ground and your busy cutting up trees that have been blown down from storms!