Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning from other's mistakes

...and getting a chuckle in the process

Last week, while waiting for the train, the wife of another rail nut urged her husband to tell "the story". So he  related that once upon a time he had been doing some surveying work on a hot day near some rail road tracks. The crew broke for lunch and he sat on a rail.

After some time he heard a very loud "TINK!" and wondered what that might be. Sometime later he heard it again, only this time it was accompanied by incredible pain in his butt.

He was sitting on a rail joint, the heat expanded the rail, "TINK", pushing the rails ends together, BITING HIM IN THE ASS! It took a piece of his pants AND a small chunk of him.

I'll leave the moral to you all. (both of you)


  1. Well, the three of us, me, myself and I, enjoyed this post immensely. The man must have had a very hot ass to evoke such passion from a rail joint.

  2. It was a HOT day, I should have highlighted the HOT. You, on the other hand, are probably quite cool down there in the gutter ;)