Friday, July 01, 2011

Another" Heads Up" life lesson

Although it seems obvious in hindsight, 20/20 vision and all, it did not occur to me that allergy swollen eyes would be contraindicated regarding Downward Facing Dog in yoga. Now into self diagnosed Conjunctivitis, I look back in wonder.

Just as well, the instructor had indicated that the class would be doing Handstands, so I was already wondering "well what shall I be doing during that period?" Instead an early exit. Now I'm wandering around in a Benedryl induced haze.

Update: After phone consult, MOST likely allergies (vs Conjunctivitis)


  1. The allergy season is dreadful this year. I had a Benedryl knock-out evening also. Head for the coast and some clean air, but designate a driver.

  2. Glad it's "just" allergies!