Monday, April 02, 2012

Another Genealogical tsunami

I just looked, and it was just short of a year ago that I last got a lead that led to a flood of new ancestors that had to eventually be capped off.

I had spotted a new lead for my 3X grandfather, my paternal great grandmother's paternal grandfather, the Cleary line. (Originally Clary) It goes back to England/Ireland in the 1750's.

Once again it leads back to South and North Carolina via Arkansas. Once again there's a will talking about disposition of slaves. At least the Wilkinson's (my male lineage) were Quakers. sigh

There's a lot going on in the genealogical world these days as the 1940's census comes on line. And is having a lot of free access to 1940's era info. I signed up for a month before this and found a whole lot of interesting info. Pretty sure I found the year my paternal grandmother died ('63) and where she's buried. Found where she lived and that she worked in a garment factory and may have been widowed (2nd marriage) in the mid 1930's.

I was about to sign up for some research into a missing uncle when my root canal issue reared it's head, so that's put off until that's paid for. The research system seems to have become much more formal and business like. I paid once before and they just connected me with someone in South Carolina who did a great job. This time as I started down the road it seemed less personal and more commercial. I'll still do it when I can.

Also just today I may have found someone who might be my missing uncle. He was adopted (as was my father) but hasn't shown up in the census with the people who adopted him.

Meanwhile I've been doing a lot of video taping of the reestablished rail freight service in our area. My videos are on utube as "nwppzler". I'm enjoying learning skills in getting shots, editing videos w/audio etc. And there is also an element of "the hunt", many times waiting hours for nothing, other days constant action, having to make quick decisions what to shoot and where.

And the reconstruction of the old railcars goes on. There are videos of that also.

I'm not sure anyone is actually visiting here anymore since I haven't posted in such a long time....


  1. I still visit, but I'm not just anyone.

    I'm quite sure that if I investigate, I'd find the same skeletons as you in my southern ancestors' closet.

  2. I'm still reading and watching the videos.

    found out that people on my mothers side owned slaves. Just a few on a small farm, like that makes a difference!