Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oral update

Things are moving quickly here at the future house of pain.

I had a consult with the periodontist this am who described in excruciating detail the tortures she intends on inflicting on me, and all the pre op and post op instructions. The first available appt was 2 weeks away, then I made an appt for the final crown, 3 weeks after that.

Just got a call, they have an opening tomorrow early. I'm "happy" to get that, less anticipatory anxiousness and all that. Rescheduled the crown appt, fortunate that they had another opening. The only down side, is I had a cleaning appt a week BEFORE the surgery that will probably have to be postponed.

But in a month I should be mo bettah.

And the sprained wrist I acquired Saturday, which feels a lot better anyway, I surely won't notice after tomorrow.

I was offered a prescription for Vicodin, but I had a bad experience with that before, so we're going to try some version of codeine I think.


  1. Ouch. Not only does it sound painful, it sounds expensive! Hope all goes well. I personally think Vicodin is useless. If codeine has worked in the past, it should work now. If you've never had codeine and find it doesn't work, it may not. Ten percent of us lack the enzyme to convert codeine into its working opiate in the brain.

    1. 48 hour update. Not as awful as feared, but definitely not fun. I didn't want Vicodin because of the gastric consequences, turns out codeine is the same :( I'm hoping everything will come out ok in the end. I've already burned through my dental insurance and just now got the estimate for the crown next month. That's gonna hurt also. On the positive side the Giants AND the Sharks won.

  2. Hope you're feeling better.

    Love your banner quote. I try to remember it when I find myself judging myself and others.

  3. So? How are you, periodontally speaking?


    p.s. Agree with you about Vicodin. Needed it once, one lousy pill, and hope to never take another. Now CODEINE. There's a drug you can rely on. :-)