Sunday, April 22, 2012

The whites of someone's eyes

How often do you REALLY see the whites of someone's eyes? Late this morning I got an excellent, all to close, view of someone's eyes when the driver in front of me, slowed slightly, pulled to the shoulder, then abruptly turned left (as part of a U turn) right in front of me. I can now say that I KNOW that my Prius has antilock brakes. I can say they saved this person's life, that, and the fact that at least he didn't stop when he looked out his side window and saw me coming for the first time. I would guess he was about 10 feet away when I passed the spot he had just vacated. The screeching tires would have been a nice effect, but probably would have meant my hitting him, likely quite hard. And side impacts have a high mortality rate.

The bright side I suppose is that some previous bad driving on his part meant I was watching him like a hawk, or a salt marsh harvest mouse looking for a hawk. About a mile previous, he was second in a 3 car line of cars, I was #3. I don't know our speed, it wasn't fast enough to notice or slow enough to notice, when he suddenly pulls out across a double yellow line with an blind intersection approaching, and passed the #1 car. The #1 car made a left at the intersection, and as I came around the corner, #2 didn't seem as far away as I would have expected.

This is an area where I usually set my cruise control at 57, still watching #2. I realize I'm catching up to him which seemed odd. Now his brake lights flash a couple of times, and as I get closer he pulls to the right at a paved driveway that just goes into a field, and while I'm pondering this, he does the abrupt left turn in front of me.

I hope he has smelly shorts


  1. I'm SO glad you were totally alert. I hope he realized how close he came
    to being killed and you, injured. I'm so relieved all worked out okay because of your fast thinking.

  2. I hope your own shorts are dry after such a harrowing encounter. What a moron! I swear, along with the DMV's standard testing, one should be given for common sense. That would solve things.

  3. There oughtta be a sign! Glad you were on the alert.

  4. I think this person has a seat in Natural Selection's waiting room.